What made our customers choose Canvas Planner?

Be inspired by our customers’ journey, and gain insight into the results it has created for them.

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The visual canvas gives an overview of the entire company
When a business needs to grow, the internal processes must be aligned. The visual canvas has made that possible through a visual overview.

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aalborg universitet logo

Optimizing weekly meetings across teams in the organisation
If you gather people from the entire organization, how is a weekly 3-hour session reduced by over 25%? Aalborg University achieved that result with Canvas Planner.

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Logo philip morris

Transparency and alignment was a central wish for management
Transparency and alignment was a central wish for management. Canvas Planner now helps create a visual overview across departments and borders.

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A good visual overview gives satisfied employees

Fewer disturbances and a better overview of tasks and projects was a great desire for the manager. Canvas Planner has now given the team a visual overview so they have become happier and more effective.

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Aller Petfood logo

Goodbye to Excel as a planning tool

The team was challenged by planning everything in Excel. They have now got a vibrant and dynamic tool in Canvas Planner, which gives them all a much better overview. This means that time is now used for tasks instead of planning.

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Pænt goddag logo overblik

Visual planning gives overview

Paent Goddag use Canvas Planner in their daily work. They get a visual overview of their entire business on one canvas, which means they can work remotely without any problems.

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