Overview in a new way

Canvas Planner is your tool to ensure a solid overview of your collaborations and tasks across entire organizations

Strong overview increases efficiency. Efficiency creates value.

With Canvas Planner, you have an overview of all your tasks.
The whole team has the same overview and tasks no longer fall between the cracks. Whether you are top management or part of the marketing team, a good overview boosts a team’s efficiency. And that creates value.

Astrid Haug Canvas Planner

Astrid Haug

Digital Adviser

“Our company has saved a lot of time by drastically reducing internal e-mail communication.”

Martin Vive Ivø

Campus Director at Aalborg Universitet, København

“I estimate that our meetings have become 20-25% more effective with Canvas Planner.
In addition, there is also increased commitment and positive attitude among the participants.“

canvas planner karna reese

Karna Reese

HR Director, CGI

Time is important for us, and Canvas Planner has helped us save time by enabling us to work efficiently across multiple locations.

Jakob Thomsen Canvas Planner

Jacob Thomsen

Startup Facilitator at DEMOLA

“Using Canvas Planner has made us much more effective when working on multiple projects at the same time.”

“Canvas Planner is designed to work in the same way that the human brain most effectively works. The brain decodes visual inputs 60,000 times faster than text. When you optimize the ability to perceive, you become more efficient, and when you are more efficient you can see it on the bottom line.”

– Nanna Ulsøe,

Founder of Canvas Planner

Our new clone function makes collaborations even better.

Now you can clone a task to different canvases, so the same task will be visible in in more than one place. This means that changes to the task are visible on several canvases, thus optimizing collaboration across teams and projects.

It gives, for example, managers an opportunity to look into the collaboration and projects and keep track of how the tasks are progressing without the need for tons of e-mails and status meetings. And the manager decides when to get the information.


Make your meetings efficient

Do you prefer to use whiteboards for your meetings?

You may experience that:
1) When everyone sees the same images misunderstandings are avoided more often.
2) Participants remember details more easily.
3) It provides an overview.

Canvas Planner combines a visual canvas with tasks so that the overview does not stay in the meeting room. Take a look here.

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