Canvas Planner is a Task and Cooperation Tool

Remove the Complexity of Your Cooperation and Make Better Results

Karna Reese Canvas Planner

Karna Reese

HR Director, CGI

“Time is important for us, and Canvas Planner has helped us save time by enabling us to work efficiently across multiple locations.”

Top leaders are stuck in meetings

17 hours

on average every week
World wide over

38 bil. USD

is spent on meetings
On average over

120 bil.

e-mails are sent world wide  a day

Make your meetings efficient

Do you prefer to use whiteboards for your meetings?


You may experience that:
1) When everyone sees the same, misunderstandings are avoided.
2) Participants remember details more easily.
3) It provides an overview.


Canvas Planner combines a visual canvas with tasks, so that the overview does not stay in the meeting room. Take a look here.

Words from Our Clients

Astrid Haug Canvas Planner

Astrid Haug

Digital Adviser
“Our company has saved a lot of time by drastically reducing internal e-mail communication.”

Jonas Ahlmann Nielsen

Selling Systems Executive & Social Media Manager at MarcoPolo
“Canvas Planner is in its simple form an ingenious program, and with the many small tasks I have to keep track of in several departments, it’s an incredibly good and effective tool for visually structuring my work and removing noise in my head. I can’t work without!”

thomas munksgaard

Thomas Munksgaard

Productivity Expert

“It’s about making cooperation less complex, as it means more profit, overview and focus. Here, the visual canvas combined with tasks is a super solution “.

Jakob Thomsen Canvas Planner

Jacob Thomsen

Startup Facilitator at DEMOLA

“Using Canvas Planner has made us much more effective when working on multiple projects at the same time.”

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