The overview gives satisfied employees

Destination Vesthimmerland

Destination Himmerland is a tourist office for Vesthimmerland. The company has been independent since 2015 and has currently 6 employees.

Lack of overview disturbed the collaboration

Tourist manager, Jimmi Petersen, contacted us because he wanted a visual overview of the team’s tasks. The many interrelated tasks meant long meetings and far too many internal emails.This resulted in disturbances where the employees interrupted each other’s workflow and great bustle. As a leader, he had difficulty keeping track of how far the employees were with the individual tasks. It also meant that it was often unclear how many tasks the individual employee actually had on his desk.

Test of another linear tool first

Before Canvas Planner, the team actually tested the Monday tool, which burns as visually. However, they never got properly started because they did not get the overview in the system.

Before Canvas Planner, the team tested a tool named Monday. However, they never got properly started because they did not get the overview in the system. They were therefore a little skeptical when they were introduced to Canvas Planner.

jimmi petersen turistdirektor visitvesthimmerland

Jimmi Petersen

Tour Director

We just didn’t have the overview. And it caused disproportionate turmoil. With CP, we have now created the lack of overview, and it has provided more efficiency and happier employees.

A visual overview was the solution

They all got a thorough start of Jane, which meant that they quickly changed their habits. Fortunately, their skepticism was replaced by a very positive interest. Jimmy Petersen could immediately see that Canvas Planner gave the team the overview they needed.

The team is currently using Canvas Planner in connection with their weekly Monday meeting, where they can form a common overview based on Canvas Planner. Between the meetings, own work tasks, events, projects, SoMe etc. are managed. in the program.

Although several of their work areas are relatively separate, they have the great advantage of having insight into each other’s task flow and workload. This means that they can limit disturbances and new tasks if the individual is very busy at times.

Destination Vesthimmerland

Martin Buch Stengaard, who is responsible for their online and graphic work, says he will give Canvas Planner 10/10 stars. 🙂

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Destination Vesthimmerland