Canvas Planner – we’re in this together

You are not alone. Our team of consultants is ready to advise you about our work management software.

We will help in any way possible so your organisation gets the solution that fits its needs.

  • Organization
    +10 users*
    • Unlimited Workspaces
    • Priority Support
    • Workshops
    • Custom Templates
  • Business+
    $15 monthly per user (billed annually)
    • Unlimited Workspaces
    • Priority Support
    $10 monthly per user (billed annually)
    • 5 Workspaces
    • Priority Support
  • DEMO
    • 1 Workspace
    • Support

Priority Support

We are only one click away. Use the chat icon in the right hand corner of the screen. Get all your questions answered within minutes and be on your way.


Minimize the learning curve. In our workshops, you get an introduction to our software. We advise you about the possibilities and make sure that you are ready to take advantage of all the functions in Canvas Planners.

Custom Templates

We listen to all your needs and build customized templates, that you can access quickly and easily. Canvas Planner’s team is ready to advise and assist you if you need new templates or to improve existing templates.

Andreas Bøggild Lund, Executive Assistant at H. J. Hansen

“The overview I was missing in Office 365 I get with Canvas Planner. Now I use them both together and it works really well!” 


Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Can I change my subscription?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you make a change in the middle of a billing cycle then the change will take effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Do you have a student discount?

Yes we do!

If you are representing a school or class, please contact us directly at

How safe is my data?

All of our user data is hosted in the cloud using MongoDB Atlas/AWS which means that our external security and privacy are world class. All data is backed up in real-time, and the database is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Can I add documents using Dropbox or Google Drive.

Here’s how to add content from Dropbox to a Canvas Planner workspace (the same instructions will also work with Google Drive).

  1. Browse to the file or folder in your local Dropbox folder
  2. Right click and choose “Copy Dropbox Link”

3. Drag a new Link card from the toolbar in Milanote

4. Paste the link you copied into the link to create the card

(You can also edit the description text to explain what the file is for)

Can I use Canvas Planner with Outlook?

If you work with deadlines, then it is possible to see your deadline also in your calendar. If you copy the unique URL under your profile, then…

Which browser works best with Canvas Planner?

Canvas Planner works in all browsers, but we recommend using Google Chrome to get the best user experience.

Can I use Canvas Planner on my phone?

There’s a simple version of Canvas Planner for your phone. Just go to in your browser.

Please note: This is a temporary solution, native apps for iOS and Android will be available in 2018.

Why can’t I zoom on the canvas?

There are certain browsers and plugins/extensions, which have been known to interfere with Canvas Planner.

We recommend using Chrome for the best experience.

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