Goodbye to Excel
as a planning tool

Aller Petfood

Aller Petfood is a family owned production company from 1921 with departments in DK and Russia. The company produces and sells feed for dogs and cats worldwide.

Silo-oriented planning and lack of overview

Previously, the company’s planning was very silo-oriented. Projects were primarily managed via Excel sheets, making them very static. It took too much time updating the many sheets. The company was also challenged when it came to getting a real flow in the work and making sure the right tasks were followed up.
The management sought a visual tool that could provide the desired overview.

Surprisingly quick learning how to use

Henriette was quite surprised by how fast the team learned to use Canvas Planner. It is incredibly easy and intuitive to use, and the team could immediately see how the program could aid them in their work.


Henriette Bylling

Owner and CEO

Canvas Planner has given us the overview that we have been missing.
It has made a huge difference to the transparency of our business, working across borders and time zones.

Overview across psysical borders

Comparing the former Excel sheets with CP Henriette finds the new program creates a much better overview. As a manager, Henriette can easily track the tasks the team is working on in a more constructive way. Instead of asking “how far are you with this task”, she now spends her time helping them find the optimal solution for the task. When Henriette is on a business trip, she is able to a finger on the pulse and to keep track of what is being done in the office in Denmark.

Aller Petfood

Canvas Planner has met all of their the expectations and the team behind Canvas Planner has been excellent in supporting the team, resulting in an interest in expanding the use of Canvas Planner to include the Russian department.

Presentation of Canvas Planner

Get a 15 minutes online demo in front of your screen.

Aller Petfood

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