Visibility and
control in the blink
of an eye

A revolutionary method to organize and visualize work via private and shared whiteboards

People decode visual information 60.000 times faster than text, so we created a method that is visual by design and easy to apply.

The Canvas Planner Method is a pragmatic way of using private- and shared canvases to visualize tasks and get an instant overview.


We blow up the kanban board – to give you the full picture

Traditional Kanban Board


Canvas Planner

Project in Canvas Planner
Team work in Canvas Planner
Annual cycle Canvas Planner
Personal canvas

The kanban board has been used for 80 years. It’s time to get the full picture! 

3 simple steps

There are 3 things you need to do to guarantee the outcome.

1. Visualize

Visualize your work structure by breaking it down in line with your business logics and adding the components as boxes to the canvas.

The boxes/components are anything you need them to be. You can see various examples below.


2. Organize

Organizing your work by adding tasks or activities into the boxes.

3. Allocate

The final step is to allocate tasks to yourself and your team members.

Show status using colors (to do, doing, done).


Instant Overview

Now you have an instant overview of your work for better collaboration and alignment/personal workflow etc.


Shared Canvas / Personal Canvas

Apply a shared view for areas where people meet and work together. Additionally, each person also gets a personal page where all tasks are managed centrally. In our software, the tasks are synchronized.

Analogue, Digital and Online

When TCPM is used on whiteboards (analog), you synchronize the tasks physically and walk from a personal board to the shared board. You can digitize this for free in MS excel if that is more suitable. You can use TCPM 100% online with a software called Canvas Planner.

Courses and workshops?

The basics of The Canvas Planner Method are understood with little effort – you can implement it for free today. The courses and workshops are built for leaders who want a deeper or broader understanding of the method or a deep-dive into related topics.

Do I need the course to use the online platform?

Not at all – TCPM is a method that feels intuitive, because it relies on the power of visualization. This is what made Kanban popular. Canvas Planner software works with drag & drop features that make it easy to use even by people who have very little experience with computers. 

Paid subscribers do have the benefit of getting professional help in designing their canvases. The more you know, the more you can add to your environment to increase value for your organization.

TCPM is the easiest way to a 6x Return on Investment!

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