An exceptional overview with visual planning

Paent Goddag

Paent Goddag gives strategic advice and creates events for children for a range of companies including DR, Salling, Bakken, JP/Politikens Hus, and Gyldendal.

Overview of the entire business

Paent Goddag has worked with Canvas Planner for several years. They manage their entire business in their workspaces, giving them a quick visual overview of the many different tasks and projects.

The team works in intervals of 12 weeks. When they start up new projects, these are broken up into tasks that are subsequently distributed over the coming 12 weeks in Canvas Planner. This way, they get a visual overview of all their projects distributed over their preferred timeframe. The tasks are then delegated to the members within the team.

Canvas Planner is perfect for a remote team


Tine Melgaard


Canvas Planner is a great tool that we use every single day. We have complete control of our business because we get a unique visual overview in the program.

Tine Melgaard concludes it is a tremendous strength for their business with their teams working from a shared visual overview. Other team members are quite easily able to take over each other’s tasks if needed. This also means that she has her finger on the pulse even though she is not in the office. It provides the freedom to work as a remote team, which is greatly necessary in their line of business, having customers throughout the country.

Quick start-up of new employees

Tine Melgaard states it has been easy and quick to include new people to the business because the starting point is Canvas Planner. They typically get a 10 minutes introduction, after which they get a chance to be a bit more of a hands-on, and then they are up and running in no time.

A positive side effect of this is enabling the individual employee, in a very short time, to plan their own workflow. Tine Melgaard and her partner Stine Thorsgaard Kjær can, without monitoring the employees, keep track of how far they are with the tasks and whether or not they are finished in time.

Presentation of Canvas Planner

Get a 15 minutes online demo in front of your screen.

Paent Goddag
Paent Goddag

Avoiding stress

Going home after the workday, the team knows that all important details, etc. are in Canvas Planner, which creates a much more stress-free environment as their heads are cleared of all the many details they work with across the many projects.

Tine Melgaard explains that when working so many hours, it is important to have time off – also mentally and Canvas Planner ensures that.

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