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Canvas Planner is software that brings The Canvas Planner Method online with additional functionality

Online applications that offer a common view are perfect for de-central organizations and remote work. 

You get shared canvases, that match your business logic, where people meet- and work together. Personal canvases match individual needs.


Is everyone on the same page?

Did you know that a single meeting can earn back the cost of your monthly license for your entire organization?

You save as much as 25% of the time in meetings (x team members) because your colleagues are seeing the same picture. A single picture allows the team to focus together.

Intuitive and easy to learn

No matter how complex your canvas needs to be, it will always be understood intuitively.

The box in the right bottom corner leads to a related canvas. This really helps you with cross-functional work!

Personal canvas

Boost any area of your organization

The canvas matches any goal, requirement, or business logic.

Project in Canvas Planner
Team work in Canvas Planner
Personal canvas
Annual cycle Canvas Planner

Drag & Drop Task Management

The status of each task is visible in the blink of an eye, which allows the team to spot potential challenges immediately.

Task Management includes 10+ smart features like deep links, so you can use your files without having to move them into our system.

Personal canvas

100% freedom to design your personal canvas


Instant overview, alignment, and efficiency

Now you have an instant overview of your work for better collaboration and alignment/personal workflow etc.


The full picture in 3 simple steps!

Implement The Canvas Planner Method today. 


Determine components based on your business logic.



List tasks and decide on if they are urgent or for later.



Allocate tasks and update status (do, doing, done).


Work smart, grow fast


Instant overview

Prioritize together

Never forget a task or deadline

Canvas customizes to your logic

Park thoughts and ideas in relevant places

Private and shared workspaces

100% online

Work remotely

Task sync across canvasses

DIY design

Drag’n’drop functionality

Notifications and reminders

User rights


Why do you sell courses and workshops?

The courses and workshops are for leaders who want to go beyond surface-value for a deeper or broader application that leads to greater value.

Do i need a course to use the software?

Not at all. The core benefits of TCPM are easy to understand.

Free vs Paid subscription?

Free users can implement TCPM analog or digital, with access to our community, tutorials, and youtube channel. Our software can be accessed for free (3 canvases – enough for one person or a very small team). 

Customers who have paid subscriptions are taught how to get maximum value in their specific environment, following their business logic. This takes roughly one hour and is included in the subscription.

TCPM is the easiest way to a 6x Return on Investment!

Are you looking for an immediate productivity boost?

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