How to make your holiday a real holiday

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How to make your holiday
a real holiday

How to make your holiday a real holiday

Nanna Ulsøe   Nanna Ulsøe Founder of Canvas Planner
  Juni 22, 2019 – 3 min read

Summer holidays are approaching and we are looking forward to relaxing, enjoying the sun and good company. But for many, it is a long way to get there. and the time before a holiday is often hectic:

  • Tasks pile up.
  • Loose ends need to get sorted.
  • Responsibilities must be clarified.
  • Agreements must fall into place.

In other words, the number of things to be planned and arranged before we can relax on the beach with a good book can seem quite overwhelming. It can be stressful to get ready for a holiday – and also to be on holiday. But it does not have to be that way. The secret is to prepare for the holiday so it actually becomes the break you need.


After years of experience as CEO and founder of a tech company, I would like to introduce you to five tips that will help you get the most out of your holiday. It is important that holiday is a holiday – and not work.

1. Prioritize your tasks before the holiday

It’s important that you prioritize your work before the holiday starts. 

A good idea is to divide the tasks into CAN and MUST.

MUST tasks are the things that you need to do before going on holiday. If there are tasks on this list a couple of days before your holiday begins, find out if there is anyone who can help you fix them so you do not have to spend time on your holiday thinking about them.


The CAN tasks are the ones you would like to do before your holiday. The CAN tasks may be expected of you to finish. Therefore, make sure that others know that they belong to the CAN list. If they disagree this gives you a chance to solve it before you shut down the computer.
If you make a realistic prioritization of your time and solve the MUST tasks before your holiday, it will make you feel much better.

2. Write down what you need to do after your holiday

It is very important that you list the tasks that you need to remember after the holiday. Create this list before your holiday starts. In that way you can mentally get a break from work and avoid thinking: “Have I remembered …” while pretending being present with your family. I will come up with more tips on how to get back to work after your vacation in our next blog post.

3. Book the last office day to yourself (and not meetings)

A lot of meetings on the last working day before the holiday is not optimal. The risk is that you go on holiday with unfinished tasks hanging over your head. It is, therefore, a good idea to book the last day or two before the holiday to solve your own tasks. This way you can get the last work done before the first day of your holiday.

4. Do not plan your holiday in details

To make sure your holiday is an actual holiday, it is important not to pack your holiday with activities. If the holiday gets too hectic you risk the holiday suddenly becoming a kind of work. At least for the brain because it does not get the break it needs. The brain restores and is repaired when we sleep. But it is when we take longer breaks from work that the brain really rebuilds itself. The many planned activities can, therefore, affect our stress levels – even after the holidays. So, be sure to have days during the holiday where you relax completely without planned activities and try to be realistic in your planning.

5. Disconnect yourself from the TECH

This is a classic mistake, but it’s easier said than done. Research shows that it is important to disconnect completely. Nevertheless, many of us are challenged with letting go of the job while being on our holiday. A total of 65% check emails, phone calls, or do other work-related activities during the holiday. BUT, if it is in any way possible, talk to your boss and colleagues and let them know in advance that you will be completely offline. If you need to be online some of the time, be sure to tell both colleagues and family at what time you will work. That way you can avoid spending the entire holiday checking the phone for calls and emails.

After working with my startup for years I really needed a break on my holiday. The best way for me was to turn off the internet on my mobile. And not getting the WIFI code for the place we stayed. When a phone can only be used for calling, texting, and holiday pictures, it suddenly doesn’t require so much of your time.

It is with longer breaks without work your brain recovers and you get renewed energy. I came back from my previous holiday with more energy than ever. More ideas to improve the business – and funny enough it has also changed the output of the company.

So please make sure you get a long break and allow yourself to take a real holiday.

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