Best Tools for Remote Teams 2020

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Best Tools
for Remote Teams 2020

   Jane Houlind Ulsøe Co-founder of Canvas Planner
              March 24th, 2020 – 3 min. read

The current situation has again stressed the need for effective and productive tools that enable remote work. These types of tools are meant to help us with the most difficult challenges of working remotely.

We have listed the best tools within Conference Calls, Written Communication, Collaboration, Task management, and File Sharing.

The list below is made of some very powerful tools that can help any team successfully cross the remote work challenge. We just want to mention that the list isn’t ranked. The toolset listed is the ones we believe could help and empower your team to be more productive while working remotely.


It can be very useful to be able share a screen with your team members. In this way, you are on-the-same-page and it is easier to follow the discussion if it is based on a PowerPoint, document or canvas in Canvas Planner.

Zoom is our favorite tool for conference calls. The software allows multiple attendees to log in to the same call from wherever they are located. And, it lets you dial-in on any call from your phone or other divice.

If you are a remote team Zoom is an effective way to make meetings happen and give people a feeling of socialization. And it works!

Canvas Planner

A lot of companies uses whiteboards for meetings, task management and brainstorming. When you work remotely you lose the shared overview and that can be challenging. Canvas Planner is an online tool that combines visual whiteboards with task management in a very intuitive way.

Then working remotely isn’t a problem since you have your visual overview with you everywhere.

This is an example of what a shared visual overview could look like in Canvas Planner:

Canvas Planner remote work

Google Drive

We recommend that you save your documents in the cloud if possible so everyone can work on the same document at the same time. For that purpose we use Google Drive, and it has made our document collaboration smooth and easy.


Slack is our favorite collaboration hub. With Slack you and your team can get rid of most of your internal emails and replace them with fast-written messages. The really cool part is that the tool is designed to support the way people naturally work together. That means using Slack makes it is much easier to collaborate with people online.


A great alternative to Slack can be Discord. It is originally a gamer communication tool but it works for all teams. Discord is very easy to use and enables you to communicate over voice, video, and text for free. Definitely worth checking out.


Jira is a project/issue management tool by Atlassian. It is an enterprise-oriented tool that is loved by many developers. It provides a very linear structure for your project management work.

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