About Our Company

Our mission is to create a more productive work environment

We founded Canvas Planner in 2014, because we want to change the way people work. At work, many people experience an information overload. Examples of this are long threads of e-mails and CC’s in e-mails. Let’s not forget the sea of meetings and other disturbances that make it hard to keep a clear overview over a project, especially when you work with others. We have created a software that can visualize one’s work. We use a visual approach to communicate things that normally would be written down because, as humans, we decode information visually 60,000 times faster than when it is seen as traditional written text.


Canvas Planner provides your team with an opportunity to see a completely identical picture of your joint work. We have helped such companies as HI Hansen, CGI and the Confederation of Danish Industry visualize their work.

In 2015, we launched a beta version of Canvas Planner. In 2016, based on priceless feedback from our customers and network, we launched the first version of our program, and the newest version of our program was released recently.


At Canvas Planner, we strive to make the absolute best tool that increases the productivity of your team and makes your everyday work life easier. This flexible and visual software is simple and easy to use, and with our customized workshops your team can begin using Canvas Planner in no time.


We are always ready to tell you more about the advantages of Canvas Planner. Contact us in our chat, which you can find in the right-hand side of our website. We always make sure to answer your questions as fast as possible.

Meet Our Team

We Are a Dedicated Team of Passionate People

  • Nanna Ulsøe
    Nanna Ulsøe Founder
  • Jane Houlind Ulsøe
    Jane Houlind Ulsøe Founder
  • Martin Behrndt
    Martin Behrndt Founder & Graphic Designer
  • William Miles
    William Miles Developer
  • Lisa Illik
    Lisa Illik Customer Success

Meet Our Advisers

The Experts Who Help Us Keep Improving Canvas Planner

  • Frank Lorenz
    Frank Lorenz Strategic Business Adviser
  • Poul Foss Michelsen
    Poul Foss Michelsen Business Adviser
  • Steven F. V. Christensen
    Steven F. V. Christensen Sales Adviser
  • Andrea Arcari
    Andrea Arcari Startup Adviser
  • Viki Ølgod
    Viki Ølgod UX/UI Adviser