Business with Canvas Planner

This Benefits Management

Everybody benefits from a visual overview. Canvas Planner helps management teams coordinate effectively with their teams. Save time on e-mails, meetings, and follow-ups.

My Planet

My Planet is a travel agency that offers custom designed trips to destinations including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. My Planet uses Canvas Planner to create a shared overview of the various strategic initiatives and projects in the executive team. The executive team has experienced an acceleration in project execution, more efficient meetings, clearer communication and improved group sessions. Leadership can quickly and easily get an overview of current projects as well as which projects and initiatives will need to be dealt with moving forward.

My Planet uses Frameworks to structure their strategic activities. An example is shown below:



How To – Guide

  1. Use Frameworks for strategic planning at meetings.
  2. Structure your canvas for a clear, concise view of each core goal that needs to be met.
  3. Add tasks to the canvas, while projecting it on a screen for the team to keep track of the process.

My Planet

My Planet is a travel agency that specializes in trips to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Jakob Djernes – Head of Sales:

“Canvas Planner helps us keep a terrific visual overview of our strategic work within the management team”.

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