Canvas Planner
for marketing

An extra hand for your management work

Canvas Planner ensures that you can always see who-does-what in the marketing team that you are responsible.


Knowledge and decisions are gathered in a single workspace and when you have a common understanding, you can easily work in the same direction.


You will get more time to direct your employees and guide them to better results when you are freed from infinite threads of mails and status meetings.


See examples of how you and your marketing team can get you a visual overview below.

Jonas Ahlmann Nielsen

Selling Systems Executive & Social Media Manager at MarcoPolo

“Canvas Planner is in its simple form an ingenious program, and with the many small tasks I have to keep track of in several departments, it’s an incredibly good and effective tool for visually structuring my work and removing noise in my head. I can’t work without!”

Canvas to others a team meeting

Make your marketing meetings efficient

Do you prefer to use whiteboards for your meetings?  You may experience that:


1) When everyone sees the same, misunderstandings are avoided.
2) Participants remember details more easily.
3) It provides an overview.


The Canvas Planner combines the visual canvas with tasks, so the overview does not stay in the meeting room. Take a look here.


There is often a lot to submit from a variety of people when you work with newsletters or other materials like it. There may be ideas, text documents, graphics and images to keep track of.


In Canvas Planner you can quickly visualize the planning so nothing is forgotten and you get a perfect overview. Communicate with your team directly in your workspace and decrease status meetings and emails.

A canvas to marketing
A canvas to others


When you work with visual material, it is easier to work on design and content in a visual form.


In this example, the team can post their feedback in a thread that is placed directly on top of the visual material.


Canvas Planner helps creative teams to decrease e-mails and meetings as everyone sees the same canvas.

Are you busy and getting disturbed all the time? Do you work in a complex organization or with complex tasks? Do you need an overview?!

“Canvas Planner is based on that the brain decodes visual inputs 60,000 times faster than text. When you optimize the ability to perceive, you become more efficient and when you are more efficient you can see it on the bottom line.”

– Nanna Ulsøe,

Founder of Canvas Planner


More than a software

You are not alone. Our team of consultants are ready to advise you on our work management software. Your organization will be provided with the right solutions to fit your needs.


You can get unlimited access to Canvas Planner for only 15 USD a month.


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