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Structure your team work

Canvas Planner can help teachers and students to succeed. By using a visual format your lesson plans, group projects, and course goals are clearly established and followed by everyone.


Kaospilots is a business school that takes a unique approach to social entrepreneurship. For both the teachers and students, good time management is essential. Teachers need to coordinate with the administration, other teachers, and their students on a regular basis. They have many commitments they need to meet, and through Canvas Planner, the Kaospilots found that these tasks were greatly simplified.

The teachers at Kaospilots separated a class into several groups. They were set to work on projects, and their groups were placed visually into a canvas using our software. Throughout the process, they found that it gave them a clear, simple overview of each group’s progress.

The students used Canvas Planner in a similar manner within each group with equally successful results.

The Kaospilots used Frameworks to visually design the Group Structure on Canvas Planner.


The incredible flexibility of the canvas makes it easy for a school to use Canvas Planner to keep an overview of group work. This allows the teacher to save key notes. Through Tasks, they also keep track of each group’s progress.


The shape and color of the structure is entirely up to you. Flexibility is built in to make it easy to design a format that suits your needs.



FLAT Structure

How To – Guide

  1. Create a personalized framework using shapes.
  2. Give each grid in the framework a title. Each grid may be an individual team member, different groups, or separate assignments. Flexibility to do what you need is the key.
  3. You can adjust the size and colors of each shape.
  4. Pin the framework to the canvas so it doesn’t move by accident.
  5. Use this framework at meetings for a clear, visual image of what is going on.
  6. Add new details or goals during the meeting with our tasks.


The Kaospilots school features a three year program for change makers, who want to use business creativity, personal mastery, and enterprising leadership to create positive social change in the world.

William Hewett – Teamleader at the Kaospilots.

“This has given us a new way of working both internally among the staff and among the students.”

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