Planlæg den næste messe på en ny måde med Canvas Planner

Plan Events in a New Way

Plan fairs, events, and conferences in Canvas Planner. Use your projects as a templates again for upcoming events. Implement evaluation and feedback directly into your template so you have an updated version for your next event.

By Wirth

By Wirth is a Danish company that designs modern, interior products for private homes. Before using Canvas Planner they were spending a lot of time preparing and coordinating for fairs, and they wanted to use Canvas Planner to optimize their time management.

When attending fairs as an exhibitor, they often follow similar structures. In Canvas Planner, they made their own fair project that will be used again and again in the future.

They have many details to remember for each fair, and the template makes it possible to skip the planning part and go directly to the execution. The different colors on the tasks help them to see, what needs to be done next and which steps should be prioritized.

By Wirth uses frameworks and tasks to simplify and visualize the fair planning process.



Mood Board

How To – Guide

  1. Use a framework to create a structure for the planning process.
  2. Name the titles in the framework in a way that makes sense for the team and event.
  3. Add all the tasks that must be completed.
  4. Use a checklist inside the tasks to keep track as each step is completed.
  5. After the event, update the framework with tasks and checklists that were missed before the current event. These details will be reminders for the next event.

By Wirth

By Wirth is a product company with a love for Nordic materials and their natural character and interaction. The simple, warm Nordic style that ‘by Wirth’ represents is popular around the world. By Wirth often attends fairs in different countries.

Signe Wirth Engelund – Founder

“We use Canvas Planner to make our preparation for fairs much faster.  And it works great!”

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