Transparency and alignment was a central wish for management

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Philip Morris International is an international production company. The company was founded in 1847 and today has more than 80,000 employees.

How do you ensure a good visual overview across departments and national borders?

That was the question Philip Morris asked us to help solve. With many teams and departments, a lot of companies are challenged to maintain a good overview of projects and tasks. This was also the case with Philip Morris. They had traditionally been working with e-mails, meetings, and project management in Excel.

After focusing on selling traditional cigarettes with a relatively simple business model, Philip Morris is in the middle of a big transformation process, where they work with new Smoke-Free products, such as. IQOS. This transformation required a new way of working instead of the traditional way with e-mails, meetings and project management in Excel.

The many e-mails and meetings meant that they took unnecessary resources to form an overview and plan. They were challenged when it came to implementing quick changes and new strategies. In addition, a lot of time was spent reporting to senior management in the company and to keep a good overview of all the different projects.

Development of new features

morten schultz philip morris

Morten Schultz

Manager Commercial Strategy

Canvas Planner has given us the
overview we have lacked.
It has made a huge difference to the transparency of our companies working across borders and time zones.

Prior to launching with the entire department, Morten Schultz chose to test Canvas Planner with a smaller team in the Danish department to chart their cooperation and needs. In this phase, it became clear that they needed some extra features that we subsequently developed together with the development team. When it was live, the rest of the department was invited to a kick-off day.

Philip Morris

This was how Canvas Planner was introduced to the employees.

When a large team needs to collaborate in a new way, it requires some change of habits. It was therefore very important for Philip Morris that all employees got a solid start and got the support they needed. In addition, they had chosen to kick-start with an introductory day, where we ensured that the many teams and individual employees were well onboarded into Canvas Planner.

Presentation of Canvas Planner

Get a 15 minutes online demo in front of your screen.

Philip Morris

“This is so good!”

Philip Morris now uses Canvas Planner on a daily basis, and the employees say they now experience greater transparency in the business across teams and projects. It has also meant that many of them have a better overview of their own tasks.

Overall has Canvas Planner been a huge help for the entire team. They can now work more efficiently towards their goal of making Denmark smokefree.

Good advice for a successful onboarding

  • For larger departments, it is a good idea to consider what you want Canvas Planner to solve and how the structure is to be designed before starting.
  • A kick-off day for the entire department is key, so questions and agreements can be taken at once. It also produces greater enthusiasm when you are together to change habits and do something new.
  • That there is time allocated for each team to discuss and get help designing the best structure for them based on their needs.
  • That the individual employee gets help getting acquainted with the program.
  • That there is the necessary follow up in the first 3-4 weeks until everybody is up and running.

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