The visual canvas gives an overview of the entire company


LeeSign Creative Partner is a Danish production company with 12 employees. The company delivers complete solutions to trade shows, showrooms, shop-in-shops, or exhibitions.

Ready to grow

Increased customer demand meant that it required too many resources to manage the many projects using emails, Excel, and phone calls between the employees. The challenge was that small details and last minute changes in the many projects sometimes slipped between the cracks. The lack of overview resulted in a high level of stress for both management and employees.

Mette Stoltenborg

Mette Lysdal Stoltenborg


Canvas Planner has made us ready to scale our business so that we can meet the demand for our products. We have put our internal processes in a structured system, which means we have become much more efficient and have had a super visual overview across our projects. Canvas Planner is a great and user-friendly tool.

Alignment and structure of the projects

It soon became clear that Canvas Planner could help align the internal processes and project work. Together with the management, we developed a project template as a foundation for the project work in the company. Project managers can quickly copy the template and, with a few adjustments to the individual customer, the new project is visualized. It covers their flow from their first meeting with the customer until post-delivery of evaluation.

The visual overview made all the difference

With Canvas Planner, management and employees never lose the overview  regardless of the size of the project. All the changes that happen during a project are no longer causing interruptions or extra emails. The team is 100% on top of it all. The tasks are structured on the canvas  in such a way that everyone in the company has a shared visual overview of the assignments’ status on the individual project.

Presentation of Canvas Planner

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Overview provides peace and a better distribution of resources

The project manager, Pia Lynge, says that the workload has been distributed among more people without her having to ask others for help. It has become clear that there are additional work resources in the company, and this has generally meant a lower stress level for the employees.

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