Canvas Planner
to you as a consultant

Your contact with your costumers gets easier with Canvas Planner

Do you as an consultant know the feeling that your cooperation with your customer is really good – but you still feel like there are some things and activities that fall between two chairs?


In Canvas Planner you work closer with the customer when you share workspaces. Your customers get a higher satisfaction when they can see that you are an active participant – also between your meetings. The shared visual overview creates a stronger implementation of your joint work.


Keep track of the processes in your workspaces and spend your time where you can make the biggest difference. You can utilize your skills better as a consultant when you focus on the customer, and in the end it creates more value on the bottom line.

Tine Arhoej er konsulent

Tine Arhöj

Digital B2B Consultant & Communications Specialist, arhöj 

Canvas Planner is a brilliant program that helps me maintain a great overview and the sharp processes together with my customers.

A canvas to a consultant

Customize to the customer

In Canvas Planner you can tailor workpaces to suit customer needs. This makes it easier for the customer to visualize and understand the common goals you are working toward.

An overview with a visual annual work cycle

A visual annual work cycle can help you keep track of the year. Empty your head so you avoid remembering things that are not current right now.


A simple look at the annual work cycle and you know what to deal with in the coming months.


A visual annual work cycle may also help your customers with your joint overview.

a canvas to others an annual cycle
Et canvas til dig som konsulent med en ugeplan

Overview of your own tasks as a consultant

You can quickly get an overview of your own tasks.


The most important tasks are placed at the top.


The colors show the status of the tasks.

Spend time on the costumer

Canvas Planner is a real time software. This means that when you create a task in the customer’s workspace, they can see it right away. This way they can see that you are working actively for them even if you are not present.

Møde med Canvas Planner til ledere

More than a software

You are not alone. Our team of consultants are ready to advise you on our work management software so your organization is provided with the right solutions to fit your needs.


You can get unlimited access to Canvas Planner for only 15 USD a month.


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