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Aalborg Universitet

Aalborg Universitet Copenhagen (AAU) is one of Denmark’s largest universities with multiple campuses around the country. The university was founded in 1974 and currently has 3,500 employees and 20,000 ongoing students.

How do we optimize at the meeting time?

Optimization was especially challenging at the weekly (coordination) meetings that combined work from several departments. The meetings took too long, and it required too many resources to control the agenda and the subsequent distribution of projects and tasks.

Employee involvement and a clear prioritization of the agenda

Before Canvas Planner was introduced, they all had the responsibility to write to the guy who was responsible for the agenda if they had any topics introduced in the upcoming meeting. It was all communicated through emails.
Together with the team, we designed a meeting template in Canvas Planner. Now the individual departments can actively draw projects or tasks that they would like to talk about at the next meeting on the agenda.

campuschef martin vive ivoe

Martin Vive Ivø

Campus Director at Aalborg Universitet CPH

I estimate that our meetings have become 25% more effective with Canvas Planner.

In addition, it has also increased commitment and engagement among employees.

Transparency between departments

With Canvas Planner, everyone can immediately see changes in real-time and the agenda is always the most up-to-date version. No more internal emails regarding the weekly meeting. It is also clear to everyone what tasks and projects are worked on in the individual department.

Presentation of Canvas Planner

Get a 15 minutes online demo in front of your screen.

Aalborg Universitet
Møder online med teamet i canvas planner

Campus manager about Canvas Planner

Canvas Planner has clearly optimized our weekly coordination meetings across multiple departments. I believe that the individual teams are more proactive in terms of meeting content and preparation. There are fewer misunderstandings, and we get more done overall at meetings than before.

I also experience an increased commitment and focus amongst our employees. We come to the core issues much faster than before and avoid wasting time on details that are not important to all participants.
In addition, we generally have a much better overview of tasks and decisions when all participants can see the same digital workplace.

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