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An extra member for your team

Canvas Planner is an extra member for your team that helps you organize and delegate tasks while ensuring that everyone moves in the same direction.

Share your knowledge

Illustrate your ideas by adding files, pictures and videos in Canvas Planner and avoid good ideas getting lost in the flow of e-mails or due to time constraints during meetings.


More focus

You always have an overview of the status of your own and others’ tasks in Canvas Planner. This allows you to delegate tasks and responsibility, which gives you time to focus on your own tasks.

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Astrid Haug, Digital Adviser

“Our company has saved a lot of time by drastically reducing internal e-mail communication.”

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Canvas Planner is Trusted by Leaders and Teams in Over 30 Countries.


To see what you can use Canvas Planner for, check out some cases.

For Teams and Individuals

Keep all your work private or share workspaces with others. It is 100% up to you.

Everything in One Place

Gather everything on your canvas so you keep your thoughts in one location.

Visualize the Process

Design your own workspace and share the work you do with others in a simple way.

Integration is Key

Anchor all your files through Tasks. Link files across all your platforms so everything is gathered in one place.

Security for You

Your privacy is important to us. We protect all workspaces. Everything is encrypted.

Communicate on the Spot

Share ideas and send feedback right on the canvas. Experience no limitations when communicating with coworkers.