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Canvas Planner has made a partnership with the productivity tool, ClickUp! Check out this page to learn more and get a 20% discount when signing up or use this promo code CANVASPLANNER if you already have an account.


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With hundreds of functionalities and a very user-friendly interface, ClickUp can be adapted to your specific needs.

ClickUp can be used for:

  • Overview of the business via Dashboards
  • Task and project management
  • CRM system
  • Time management
  • Reporting
  • Sales (inbound and outbound)
  • Personal productivity+ They have developed a canvas function

The ClickUp platform was developed in 2018. In 2020, the company received an investment of $ 235 million; in the fall of 2021, they received an additional $ 400 million. In short, the productivity tool of the future will become smaller businesses.

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You can start on a free version, but if you sign up via our partner link, you can save as much as 20% on the price if you one day want to upgrade.

If you already have an account you can use the promo code: CANVASPLANNER

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