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Create less complex collaborations with Canvas Planner

  • Optimize the efficiency of your organization and team

  • Reduce meeting time by 25%

  • Create a visual overview of the tasks

  • Create an even more beautiful bottom line with more effective collaborators

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Here are some of the companies we have helped get a more efficient worklife

Canvas Planner optimizes the efficiency of the organization

and improve the job satisfaction

and improves the creativity and innovation

and it can been seen on the results

Visualize your work in Canvas Planner

Thomas Munksgaard review of Canvas Planner

Thomas Munksgaard

Productivity Expert

Mere Tid

“It’s about making cooperation less complex, as it means more profit, overview and focus. Here, the visual canvas combined with tasks is a super solution“.

About Canvas Planner

We have specialized in helping managers take the complexity out of collaborators and promote efficiency. By combining the digital visual canvas with tasks, it becomes possible to decode status, structures and appointments as an image. All data show that this gives happier and more efficient employees.


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Nanna Ulsøe & Jane Houlind Ulsøe